Designing and Implementing Cloud Data Platform Solutions Exam Passed 70-473

Hi there!

I have passed the above mentioned exam on Monday, 12/February/2018.

First, let me direct you to the  site for a general introduction of Azure Services.

This exam is about Azure database solutions.
I have watched a lot of training videos preparing for this exam but I think reading is a much better way to get to know the Azure services.  Microsoft recommends these four EdX courses on the exam details’ page:

Well, I find them very slow and superficial but because of the lack of an exam ref book you should go through these courses.
The are a lot of courses about Azure on Pluralsight. I have found Tim Radney’s courses exceptionally good because of the fast pace. Watching his videos I did not feel like that I should be reading books instead.


Microsoft Azure Essentials : Fundamentals of Azure
Microsoft Azure Essentials Migrating SQL Server Databases to Azure

I recommend you to read the exam deatils page and read about every topic on the MSDN, sites such as this one: link. The exam tests you knowledge about database management T-SQL and PowerShell codes so you should spend some time getting to know the most important commands and scenarios.  Study everything about Always On Availability Groups and the different methods to migrate a database to Azure!
Good luck if you plan to take this exam!

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