One search word, many websites

Hi there!

I have a Power BI report that I want to share with you.

The idea came after I watched two or more movies such as Lady Bird and The Lobster that I did not understand completely.  Usually I just search for other people’s interpretations of the movie on Reddit, Twitter, Rotten Tomatoes.

My report takes a parameter value as the value of the Title column and after a refresh you can look for the particular text in multiple websites.  You just click on the URL icon under the column headers and it takes you to that website’s search results.

There is a good chance that I am not the first developer coming up with this simple idea but I have never seen any blog posts using parameters this way.

How to do it?

The key idea is to replace the value of the original text in the Title column with a parameter’s value.  Yes, first create a parameter named Title.Then you create a custom column replacing the search keyword with the Title column. This way you can create new calculated columns for yourself, try addig an column!

In the Edit Queries menu, click on Edit parameters to change the Parameter from the one I used in the report. Click on Refresh to create the new URL adresses!
You can download the PBIX file and try it yourself!


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