Analyze your Spotify Streaming History!

When you go into the privacy panel of your account settings, you can turn off sharing your Facebook data with Spotify and personalized advertisements. You can also download your streaming history from the last 90 days. It took about a week for Spotify to collect the data and notify me in an e-mail. The data you receive is a couple of JSON files.

I have only used the StreamingHistory.json file. It contains the DateTime of the song played and the length you listed to it in milliseconds. I filtered out the songs that played for less than 2 minutes to only keep the songs I liked. I created a calculated column that takes you to the given song’s spotify page where you can play it.

My list contains the Marvelettes song that Fury recommended too!

Check out the embedded report in a full page window here.

From Dido’s new album Still On My Mind
Download the Power BI file from my GitHub page and create yours!