SQLSaturday Budapest

I attended the event with some friends on 2019-04-20.
Details below.

Building a modern data warehouse and BI solution in Microsoft cloud by Gergely Csom

Gergely gave an overview of Microsoft’s data warehouse related tools and services including SSIS, Azure Data Factory Dataflow and Power BI Dataflow, Azure Analysis services and many more.

Top 10 SSAS Design Best Practice (vagy talán több is) by Zoltán Horváth

It was a very nice trip down memory lane to hear a talk about OLAP cubes. I spent a great amount of my professional career building MOLAP cubes and this talk made we want to build one again just for fun.

How to win Kaggle competition and get familiar with machine learning ? by Marcin Szeliga

This was the best session for me and Balazs as well. Mr. Marcin talked about machine learning using the Titanic dataset as an example. I and Balázs also spent a lot of time with that dataset and Kaggle competition. It was great to hear about hyperparameters and gridsearch because we have only discovered them a about a week ago and tested them on the last workshop of the data science study group.

SQL Server In-database machine learning with R and Python by
Tomaž Kaštrun

Mr. Kaštrun’s talk was also about data science and machine learning. He gave the audience a deeper understanding of running R and Python code in SQL Server and its benefits and limitations.

SQL Server – A Developers vs Admins story by Liviu Leran

I can tell you that this session was also very informative but I don’t claim that I understood every topic of the session.

Balázs, what do you think about the event? I saw that you mastered the ‘How to win’ part of the machine learning session.

How to win Kaggle competition and get familiar with machine learning, part 2.

Hi there, Balazs here.
I really liked Marcin’s part, because I indeed spent a lot of time working on the Titanic dataset. We got some new tips to improve our accuracy, like the covariances and the testing on the whole dataset.
It was great to see that what he was doing with this competition is almost exactly what we’ve done with it one the workshops.

The biggest surprise for me was that I won a mini drone from one of the sponsors, Quest. I’ve never won anything, and when I first heard my name as one of the lucky ones whose name got drawn, I didn’t believe it.
It’s super fun, and pretty hard to control, but I’m on it.