Atlassian Corporation Plc is an Australian enterprise software company that develops products for software developers, project managers, and content management. It is best known for its issue tracking application, Jira, and its team collaboration and wiki product, Confluence.

The conference was organized by the
Hungarian Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, META-INF company . I received the ticket from the organizers of the meetup. I intend to contribute to the meetup’s ongoing success in the future.

People not familiar with the Atlassian ecosystem don’t know that it has millions of users around the globe helping small and mostly large companies focusing on the business. The key value of the system is the power of connection, you don’t have to manage lots of independent software for different business processes. Let’s look at Tempo as an example, it has a work logging app, a work planning app and a budget managing app all connected. You can check who is available for a task/issue/project, plan the work according to it and automatically set and monitor a budget estimation for the project.

It was great to see and talk to the vendors from different countries such as Iceland, Switzerland, Germany and Spain. The vendors prepared with some awesome gifts such as T-shirts and stickers, luggage-card-holders. I have only one sticker on my notebook so far and that is a “BE a F*CKING LEGEND” sticker from Resolution.

I went to about 6 workshops held by vendors which were all useful. I won’t go into details but you can watch demo videos on the vendors’ websites, YouTube channels and even try some of the features online.

Besides power of connection, the other lesson I took home with me was that you should not reinvent the wheel if you can find a solution from a vendor with a price that is cost-effective for your business process. The organizer company, META-INF offers consultation and sells licenses with benefits.