BudapestPy Workshops 101 (2019-09-04)

The workshop was the first since we started the cooperation with the meetup group, and it was the 15th we’ve done since January, when we started to study together.

First Dóri talked about Anaconda and Jupyter notebooks, then showed us some basic pandas code for EDA (Exploratory Data Analysis) on a dataset about Pokemons. She walked through us how to get insights from our data, how to slice it, make new entries and lots more.
After some basic visualization and aggregation we found out which Pokémon is the strongest based on our simple analysis. The second part was Berci’s and his Pandas tutorial notebook, which holds over a hundred different pandas functions and examples. He gave a short tour of the notebook. We aim to create some tutorial notebooks to help us focus on understanding the current dataset and spend less time looking up functions. These notebooks are going to help newcomers catch up with returning participants.

All of our material is avaliable on GitHub:

This workshop was about getting and inspecting the data. Next time we show how to build a basic machine learning model using another sample dataset.

You can join us on our meetup page:

The Team: Balogh Balázs, Rónai Bertalan, Szabó Dóra, Doma Miklós, Hackl Krisztián and Zsarnowszky Lóránt (last name, first name order)