BudapestPy Workshops 105 (2019-10-16)

Our second time on CEU was really interesting, because there were three presentations from our side, and one from CEU’s .
Schram Ágnes, the student recruitment manager of the university talked about CEU’s courses, emphasizing the ones in which machine learning is involved. You can read about the courses they offer on their website.

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BudapestPy Workshops 104 (2019-10-09)

Our fourth workshop took place at CEU. Our host for the evening was András Vereckei & Arieda Muço. András showed us their open source projects facilitating free knowledge transfer in a wide range of collected and curated topics (see links below)

This was an exceptional occasion in multiple aspects: our first workshop in English, the largest number of attendees so far (thanks to the large seminar room provided by our generous host) and this time we only had one presenter for the whole evening.

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BudapestPy Workshops 103 (2019-10-02)

Our third workshop took place at One Identity. Our host for the evening was Antal Balázs, the company’s employer branding specialist.

The first session was Doma Miklós’s introduction to the bokeh library. It provided us good template for creating our own interactive visuals. The figures became more complex as the presentation went forward. Lastly we got a little insight into bokeh’s geo-coordinates.

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