BudapestPy Workshops 103 (2019-10-02)

Our third workshop took place at One Identity. Our host for the evening was Antal Balázs, the company’s employer branding specialist.

The first session was Doma Miklós’s introduction to the bokeh library. It provided us good template for creating our own interactive visuals. The figures became more complex as the presentation went forward. Lastly we got a little insight into bokeh’s geo-coordinates.

In the second session, Endreffy Zsolt from One Identity walked us through setting up a virtual environment and a testing example using PyCharm. He prepared with an example: looking for the Chernobyl disaster’s date on it’s Wikipedia page.

Once the learning part was over, we had the opportunity to join our host’s fabulous beer and hot-dog party. Between the hotdogs, donuts and the beers, Antal Balázs also treated us to a behind the scenes tour showing us their facilities and telling us about OneIdentity’s history.

Our next event is going to be at the Central European University (CEU), check out the event page!

Thanks for everyone to show up!
As always, the notebooks (the full, and the one with missing parts) are on our GitHub:

You can join us on our meetup page:

The Team: Balogh Balázs, Rónai Bertalan, Szabó Dóra, Doma Miklós, Hackl Krisztián and Zsarnowszky Lóránt (last name, first name order)