Passed THE Power BI DA-100 Data Analyst Associate EXAM

How did I end up going for another exam after already having passed six?

Well, I won the raffle in one of the Power BI quizzes a while ago.
The prize was a voucher for the DA-100 exam.
Here is the link, since embedding the video seems to be blocked.
The raffle is at the 11th minute.
Thank you @patrickdba and @justblindbaek!

My Twitter handle was @datascientistbudapestbp back then but
after a while I realized that I should change it because I am not a data scientist and I don’t have plans to become one.
My new Twitter handle is @Bertie_from_BI by the way.

I spent about two weeks studying for the exam, I had to wait until the local test centers come back from vacation.
By the way you obviously have to wear a mask in the test center.

I like this exam because you can’t pass
by only memorizing definitions, you need to have some level of
understanding of the skills measured.

Okay, I will try to give some very general advice to help those who are considering taking this exam.
If you are not sure about your answer think about
the other possible answers. You can find the right answer by
eliminating the wrong ones.
I don’t like to go back to questions,
there is enough time to read every question three or more times
to find the answer or to choose your best guess.
Good luck!

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