BudapestPy Workshops 113 (2020-09-24)

BudapestPy Workshops 113 (2020-09-24)

We continued our workshops after the summer break
with a short quiz and two great presentations.

Hi I am Rónai Bertalan, this event was organized by
Balogh Balázs and myself. (last name, first name order)

It was our second online event so we already had experience
with Cisco Webex. By the way Webex and Zoom are still accessible for free but check the limitations. A free Zoom meeting could only last for 40 minutes and a free Webex meeting for 50 minutes.

I started the event with a basic statistics kahoot quiz to pass some time while we wait for more attendees to arrive.
About 25 people participated.
I really recommend kahoot for teaching purposes. I have attended at least 10 Power BI Quiz events which are always fun and educating.
By the way this week I managed to earn a second place in the quiz.

Because of COVID-19 paying attention to our careers and job searching skills are becoming more important.
Both our our presenters gave advice for people working in data-related positions. There were a QA part after each presentation.

Our first presenter was Német Nóra from NordConn International talked about the situation in the data-related labour market
and gave advice for job seekers.

I was especially interested in this presentation because I am looking for a BI developer role myself where I could use my Power BI skills.

Our other presenter was Batiz Gergő who is a data scientist working in Amsterdam. Not all of us want to be data scientist but all of us are interested in their careers, daily tasks, the technology stack they use.

We consider this event very successful.
Because of our talented presenters we were able to attract about 42 attendees and we all learned something from the presentations.